Dr. Carlotta Watson

Naturopathic Physician & Applied Kinesiologist
Why am I sick?

(Adrenal Stress Syndrome)


The majority of new patients that I see in my office with chronic health problems have FUNCTIONAL ADRENAL STRESS. Suggested reading for more in depth information about adrenal stress is The Stress Of Life by Hans Selye.

Common symptoms of adrenal gland exhaustion:

Low energy/chronic fatigue, dizziness upon standing, eyes sensitive to sunlight, asthma and allergies, muscle and joint problems, stress related syndromes, anxiety, panic attacks, blood sugar stress, insomnia, diminished sexual drive, seasonal affective disorder, digestive disturbances, heart and thyroid problems. If you look at the list of symptoms you will notice that these are most of the health problems that face us today in out society.


Adrenal Glands


Adrenal Glands:

1. Neuroendocrine Transducer
(communication between nervous system and the endocrine system)
2. Back-up system for the body
3. Stress glands of the body

Functional Hypoadrenia (low functioning adrenal glands):

1. Most doctors do not consider that there is adrenal gland hypo function until Addison's disease is present. This is a serious medical condition that will shortly result in death if there is not immediate medical intervention.

2. Functional hypoadrenia usually occurs from prolonged physical, chemical, thermal and/or emotional stress. Most of us suffer from functional hypoadrenia because of our high stress lifestyle. Many functions of the body rely on adrenal gland support. Without adequate adrenal health we are susceptible to a wide range of disease that is now common in our society.

3. Adrenal gland health and rebuilding requires balance of our nervous system and blood sugar function.

Adrenal Testing:

The adrenal glands can be tested with blood and urine tests but the best evaluation for functional adrenal problems is Applied Kinesiology muscle testing and Salivary Testing.

Functions of the adrenal glands:

1. Glucocorticoids
Increase fat burning
Spares glucose (blood sugar)
Promotes protein use

2. Mineral-corticoids
Regulate electrolytes and water balance
Regulates blood pressure

3. Sex hormones
Regulates reproductive hormone function

4. Epinephrine and nor-epinephrine
Improves blood flow to muscles
Promotes fat and sugar burning
Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system control

General adaptation syndrome (G.A.S.):

This is the progression of the adrenal glands toward exhaustion while we are under stress.

3 stages

1. Alarm Reaction: Increased adrenal hormone production. This occurs when we are under a form of stress (structural, chemical, emotional, thermal). Our adrenal glands secrete hormones to help support our body so that we can function normally while under stress.

2. Resistance Stage: This is the stage where the physical symptoms of the TRIAD OF ADRENAL STRESS start. This triad consists of adrenal enlargement (hormonal problems), atrophy of lymphatic structures (immune problems) and gastric/duodenal ulcers (digestive problems). This stage occurs when we have been in the alarm stage and the stress that we are exposed to is not relieved. The adrenal support plateaus and the constant stress will weaken the glands.

3. Exhaustion Stage: Finally, the adrenal glands become exhausted because they cannot adapt to the stress. This is the stage where we will notice extreme problems in our health because our adrenal glands have quit. The tired horse was whipped for too long without rest and replenishment.

Secondary health issues caused by adrenal insufficiency:

Poor adrenal function can cause almost any problem in the body directly or indirectly. One of the most common issues that are involved with the adrenals is THYROID problems, from a functional point of view. Another common problem is any condition that ends in "...ITIS". This includes, but is not limited to myofascitis, bursitis, arthritis, iritis, colitis, dermatitis, etc. This is because 85% of adrenal medulla output is cortisol. If you go to a conventional doctor for any chronic inflammation they usually want to give you some sort of cortisol medication. This can be very bad for the adrenal glands because if you supply cortisol from an outside source, then the adrenals will eventually alter their own cortisol output. What we want to do is to get the adrenal glands to function normally again and not to make any more problems.


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