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Naturopathic Physician & Applied Kinesiologist
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The Gadsby is located in the Pearl district of NW Portland, Oregon

539 NW 13th Avenue, Suite 405
Portland, Oregon 97209

Welcome to our clinic! Our goal is to provide the finest natural healthcare to address each person on a biochemical, structural and emotional basis. There are a few things we should go over prior to your first visit.

First, please review the Eating Right section which deals with nutritional guidelines that our patient’s follow. These lifestyle changes are crucial, and I have found it extremely difficult for anyone to return to optimal health without implementing these changes.

The first visit for adults will be up to 1 hour and 30 minutes including time for the health history, physical exam and treatment. Children under 12 will be scheduled for up to one hour.  You will be asked to bring all the supplements and medication that you currently take. (Please review our FAQ’s section for more information about what to expect.) Follow -up appointments for adults are up to 60 minutes and children, under 12 years old, are up to 30 minutes. Follow up appointments are longer so out of town patients can return less frequently. Most out of town patients return once every 1-2 months at the beginning of their treatments with the goal of getting the patients well enough to return only 4 times per year.

After the first visit, the doctor will determine if any lab work, urinalysis or saliva testing will be needed at later date.

Our goal is to help people get well and stay out of our clinic! We do this by teaching how to maintain health through lifestyle and dietary changes. New patients must be willing to follow the Eating Right guidelines and take nutritional, homeopathic or herbal supplements, if necessary. We work with patients as a coach would work with an athlete. This relationship must be 50/50! The coach cannot do all the work, but is there to help guide and support the athlete on the athlete’s quest for optimal health.

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