Dr. Carlotta Watson

Naturopathic Physician & Applied Kinesiologist
Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine-Not what you think?

When Applied Kinesiology is used in its optimal fashion, it is truly holistic medicine. With this system as a complement to conventional medical testing, we look to the structure of the patient’s body to give us information and feedback to find out what the problem is and why it is there. Then we can find what type of treatment is needed for proper function and observe our results to know we are treating the cause. This takes out the guess work and speeds up the patient’s recovery.

Holistic Medicine is a term that implies health treatment that is based on a holographic model of how your body works. A holographic photograph can seem to be three dimensional and this is done by putting two images on a special holographic film. If you were to cut the film that the two images are put on you would not cut the image in two but you will have double the original image. You can cut up the film into ten pieces and each piece will have the same whole image as the original did. This means that every little piece contains all of the same information as the whole. Science has been applying these holographic principals to our universe and it seems as if everything we know is a hologram.

If we live in a holographic universe then we are holographic beings. Research has been done that shows our brain and memory work on holographic principals. So how does this apply to our health? One example of this principal is DNA. It is found in every cell of your body, so in each cell is contained the DNA information for the whole body. This means that every part of our body is related to every other part of our body. Let’s take stomach problems for example and relate it to a holistic model. The cause of stomach problems can be related to our nervous system, hormones, emotions, blood flow, lymphatic drainage, nutritional deficiencies, structural imbalances, parts of the spine, parts of the ankle, cranial bone motion, the food we put into it, acupuncture meridians on the face, on the foot, on the ear, tooth problems, electromagnetic fields, etc… the list can go on and on. Then we can flip this around the other way and ask what types of problems a dysfunctional stomach can cause and you will see a similar list as above, it works both ways and this can be true with any part of the body. The doctor who practices Holistic Medicine has to be aware of all of these relationships to truly find the cause of the problem. The doctor who practices Holistic Medicine is a “People Doctor” because for any problem they will to look to the whole person, not just the complaint.

Cookbook approaches
Occasionally, someone can get lucky and have a “cookbook” approach work, but in reality, we could take10 different women with hormonal problems and each one may have their health problem for a different reason. There may be a similar herb, medication or surgery that will solve the symptoms that they are all feeling, but that is not finding the reason why they are having that problem. Natural medicine is using some natural substance to help with symptoms that we suffer from, sometimes this may resolve the cause of the problem, but sometimes it may only relieve our symptoms much like an aspirin may relieve a headache.

Well what is wrong with using an aspirin or a supplement for a headache? Let me use an analogy here to show my point. Say you are sleeping in your bed and the smoke alarm goes off. You wake up out a sound, peaceful sleep. You are furious that you have been disturbed. You take the battery out of the smoke alarm so you can get back to sleep because you have a very busy day tomorrow. This does not sound logical because there is a good chance that your home is burning down but this is what many of us do with taking an aspirin or supplement. The smoke alarm is telling us to wake up and see what the problem is. This is what our body does by giving us pain or discomfort, it is telling us to wake up and do something about it and taking the aspirin is not the answer. We can use natural remedies to help with the symptoms, but this may be just a little better than the aspirin.

Here is the difference between Conventional Medicine (aspirin), Natural Medicine (natural remedy) and Holistic Medicine (finding the cause of the problem). The doctor using Holistic Medicine will understand that there can be many causes of a headache and that a natural remedy may help. But there may be an underlying problem that can cause the headache to return down the road or that a headache may turn into a more serious heath problem later.

Holistic vs Natural Medicine
Here is another analogy; if you are driving your car and the check engine light comes on Conventional Medicine’s solution may to take out the light or cut the wire so that it does not bother you anymore. The Natural Medicine doctor may realize low levels of oil in the engine of the car can cause the light to go on. They will realize the seriousness of low levels of oil in the engine and they can add more oil to turn off the light. The doctor and you may feel that you did the best thing because the light is off without having to take out the bulb or cut the wire and the engine is working normally for the time being. The Holistic Medicine doctor will realize that there can be low oil levels in the engine causing the warning light to go on. The Holistic doctor will go one step further and do some thinking, “If there are low levels of oil in the engine there must be a reason for that!” We will add oil to protect the engine and we must also find out why there is an oil leak so that the problem will not return in the future or get worse.

As I mentioned above, the Holistic Doctor is a People Doctor. No matter what type of health problem the patient is experiencing, the doctor is going to do the same thing. The Holistic Doctor is going to find out what is not in balance in the body, find out why it is out of balance and supply the needs of the body to restore the balance. This is the path to true health.

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