Dr. Carlotta Watson

Naturopathic Physician & Applied Kinesiologist

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I feel better?

This will vary from person to person and depend on the severity of the problem. Some patients leave their first visit feeling completely better, others may take longer. Please note that treatments are not designed to address only symptoms, but are geared to fixing the root cause. Sometimes in treating the cause, symptoms might worsen or change. This is only temporary, and it is part of the body’s healing process.

Do you treat out of town patients?

Yes we do. Patients drive from a few hours away, others fly across the country to visit our clinic. We accommodate these patients by extending their treatment length, so they will need to return less frequently. We will also coach our patients on how to maintain their health so we won’t need to see them as often.

How often do most patients see you?

Most in town patients return on average twice a month in the beginning of their treatments with the goal of getting the visits down to once a month for wellness maintenance. Out of town patients have longer visits scheduled and return once every 1-2 months at the beginning of their treatments with the goal of getting the patients well enough to return only 4 times per year.

What should I do before my first visit?

You will need to fill out paperwork and health history. It would be beneficial to review Eating Right to become familiar with the nutrition/diet changes you will be implementing as a new patient.

What if I’m taking medications/nutritional supplements/homeopathy/herbs?

Please bring everything you are currently taking to your first office visit.

What happens at my 1st appointment?

The 1st appointment for adults and children will last up to one hour and thirty minutes. We will review your health history and perform a physical exam using an advanced diagnostic technique called Applied Kinesiology. This exam will provide sub clinical information as to the root cause of your health problem. I will also perform other non-invasive functional diagnostic tests. You will then receive a treatment directed at the cause of the problem and will re-balance your structural, biochemical and emotional systems. At the end of the treatment we will discuss the nutritional guidelines outlined in Eating Right, and any nutritional, homeopathic or herbal supplements that you will be taking.

What if I’m not ready to change my diet?

The diet we have patients follow eliminates all refined sugar and refined carbohydrates which are toxic to the body, depress the immune system and imbalance the biochemistry of the body. It also eliminates foods that most people are sensitive to. I have found it nearly impossible for complete healing to take place if the patient does not follow the Eating Right diet. If you do not feel prepared at this time to follow our dietary guidelines, it is best to postpone becoming a new patient until you feel ready.

Will insurance cover my visit?

Due to the time and difficulty involved in collecting from most insurance companies, we do not accept any insurance. However, our office will issue a superbill for services and if your insurance does cover naturopathic care, you may send the superbill to your insurance company and get reimbursed directly by them. Our office accepts cash, check, visa/mc. Please feel free to call the office for more information.

What do you charge for office visits?

First visit for in-town and out of town adults is $270 plus the cost of supplements, if needed. First visit for children 12 and under is $180. Follow up visits for in town patients, adults and children, is $90 for up to 30 minutes. Out of town patient return visits for adults are up to 60 minutes for $180 and children, up to 12 years old, are booked at up to 30 minutes for $90.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We require 24-hour cancellation for in town patients, and 7-day notice for out of town patients. Late cancellations or no shows will be charged the price of the appointment.


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